FireControl - IEEE 1394 Commander

This is a console oriented tool for Linux to access an IEEE 1394 (FireWire) bus. It can issue asynchronous read, write, and lock requests to some nodes on the bus, force bus resets, and send PHY packets. Furthermore, it provides bus reset notifications. The main advantage of this tool over other available tools (like gscanbus) is (besides not requiring a graphical interface) that it reports the exact acknowledge and response codes and, therefore, is very useful for debugging purposes.

This is a discontinued project. It is not maintained anymore.

Name Change

The name of this utility used to be 1394commander (up to version 0.1.1). Starting with version 0.2, it has been renamed to firecontrol because the project was moved to and sourceforge does not support project names starting with a number.


January 12th, 2007: The project has been moved to Release 0.2 was created along with this move. This is the first release using the new name firecontrol.

Project Page

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Source Code

Current and older releases can be obtained from the download area.

The current development version can be accessed via the Subversion repository.

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